Child Led Solutions


Child-Led Collective Worship resources providing children with the materials,
skills and tools they need to plan and lead collective worship in their own classrooms.

Supporting the new SIAMS Criteria for Church Schools, children explore, investigate, interpret and evaluate the teachings of Jesus, biblical characters and concepts through whole class. Children consider what they have learnt, then reflect upon how they could change their behaviours, values and attitudes and apply them to their everyday lives.

“The CLCW resources are excellent and have been key to the success in developing a successful worship team who are at the heart of our school worship. They are a ready-made worship which are easy for the children to access, develop and adapt to match their own style and the needs of their class; whether they are leading worship with older or younger children. The Year 5/6 worship enable the children to progress as worship leaders through having greater autonomy to choose their own Bible story and develop their own worship through the guidance given.”
— St James’ C of E Primary School, Cheltenham was awarded 'EXCELLENT', under the NEW SIAMS criteria for Church Schools.
Mrs Caryn Smith, Deputy Head Teacher & Collective Worship Subject Manager

“CLCW inspires others-they all want to have a go! It gives the teacher time to really listen to what is happening – I was overwhelmed by the ‘talk’ that I heard – great participation, probing questions, quality reflection time and partner discussion and confident enough to push their peers for further ideas through follow up questions.”
— Mrs Sarah Richardson, Deputy Headteacher, St Katherine’s CE Primary School, Christchurch

“Staff Training Sessions Feedback:
• Really enjoyed seeing the CLCW filmed in a real classroom, what the children achieved, how they behaved and responded to each other; and how to extend their answers.
• Helpful to have time to discuss ways CLCW can be planned into the curriculum. A good balance of time to discuss and evaluate/listen to the input.
• Perfect for gathering evidence for SIAMS.”
— Staff Training Sessions feedback from Schools 2019.

“The collective worships have helped me learn that God and Jesus, and the Holy Bible play big parts, in even people who aren’t Christians lives”
— Exact words from child participant

“I enjoyed the collaboration and learning all the lines, also meeting such a wonderful lady. Matilda Year 3”

”The story made me think - how to be more responsible, care about family and friends and to forgive people. Ruby Year 5”

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Child Led Family Devotional resources provide your children with the opportunity to get to know God and grow their own faith through crafting their own creative and original devotions. They are given the tools, skills and confidence to be independent in leading you as a family.
Leading your family devotionals, children choose worship songs, share Bible verses or stories and ask structured questions that are related. Included is the opportunity to discuss key issues that relate to everyday life, which enable your whole family to share their deepest thoughts and opinions and pray for one another.

‘Children learn about God and how to connect with Him for themselves. They also get the rare opportunity to lead their families, (a child shall lead them).’- Parent

‘It’s a wonderful way of getting your whole family together to talk about Jesus, read passages from the bible and pray. It helps bring your family close together and close to God.’- Parent

‘We looked up Jeremiah 29 v 11. Was so good to open the word together about our future hope and for today.’ Hope resource- Parent

‘Would recommend because it got us together talking about Jesus and hearing the children’s faith.’- Parent

‘I liked asking the family questions.’ Child 5 years old

I learnt that I think I should step out more and be more confident every day.’ Becky aged 12. Courage Resource

‘I learnt that it’s a forgiveness story (The Lost Son) and God loves us enough to forgive us.’ 8 years old

I learnt about Mummy’s friends and praying helps me to include God.’ Mya aged 9

‘I learnt to be helpful, share, be kind, respectful and listen.’ 6 years old

‘We experienced God’s confirmation… Each story they read was preached at church on Sunday and their (two girls) eyes LIT UP! It was beautiful.’- Parent

‘We saw Charlie’s imagination and biblical knowledge come to life.’- Parent

‘Child Led Family Devotions are great bringing families together, with God at the centre.’- Parent

‘Child Led Family Devotions are excellent, the song, prayer and then asking questions and learning about their family.’- Parent

I learnt that God can do anything.’ Ezekiel aged 9. Hope Resource

We learnt that people can be in a mess and we thought that everyone in the Bible was perfect but actually people make mistakes.’ Josiah and Caleb aged 11 & 9

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