Unique collective worship resources giving children confidence, ownership, independence, and theological understanding.

Child-Led Collective Worship resources provide children with the materials, skills and tools they need to plan and lead collective worship in their own classrooms.
Supporting the new SIAMS Criteria for Church Schools, children explore, investigate, interpret and evaluate the teachings of Jesus, biblical characters and concepts through whole class. Children consider what they have learnt, then reflect upon how they could change their behaviours, values and attitudes and apply them to their everyday lives.

“The CLCW resources are excellent and have been key to the success in developing a successful worship team who are at the heart of our school worship. They are a ready-made worship which are easy for the children to access, develop and adapt to match their own style and the needs of their class; whether they are leading worship with older or younger children. The Year 5/6 worship enable the children to progress as worship leaders through having greater autonomy to choose their own Bible story and develop their own worship through the guidance given.”
St James’ CE Primary school, Cheltenham was awarded ‘excellent’, under the new siams criteria for church schools. Mrs Caryn Smith, deputy head teacher & collective worship subject manager



  1. A) 16 Collective Worship Resources Cards
    You will receive 8 CW for Years 3&4 and 8 CW for Years 5&6 based around the Christian values of Peace, Responsibility, Hope, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Trust, Thankfulness and Belief. The content comprises of a Bible story, verse or parable, associated questions and reflective questions that enable the children to relate what they have learnt to their everyday life. Resources that save teachers valuable time; they are of a high quality with original illustrations and have a hardwearing finish. Whole class participation through child led discussion is at the heart of these resources.
    B) As above but 2 Collective Worship Resources Cards per value
  2. Implementation Sheet Guide Lines
    Our Child Led Collective Worship (CLCW) resources packages enable you to implement and self-manage CLCW in your school. These guidelines outline ‘the how to go about’ implementing CLCW. These resource packs also includes follow up and customer support.
  3. Links to NEW SIAMS Document
    All the hard work for your Self Evaluation Form (SEF) has been done for you, linking all the elements of ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ to the NEW SIAMS criteria.
  4. Evaluation Form – Evidence for SIAMS inspections
    The impact of CW is what SIAMS inspectors are primarily looking for. This evaluation form gives children chance to reflect on their experiences: what they have learnt and how they could behave differently. It is also a tool for moving CW forward with children involved in evaluation, monitoring and future planning, all of which is now required under the NEW SIAMS framework.
  5. ‘CLCW’ links with and will feed into PSHE, Rights, Respect and Responsibilities (RRR) and Restorative Practice. It also builds self-confidence and self-esteem, improves teamwork and promotes empathy and resilience. Please refer to testimonies for further evidence.