Pauline Abbott

Pauline Abbott, founder Childledsolutions

My name is Pauline Abbott and I am the founder of Child Led Solutions and am passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. I have been a teacher for 30 years and have taught all Year Groups from Reception to Year 7, across 6 different schools in Hampshire and Surrey. My Second job was in a middle school, where I had the honour and privilege of teaching Year 7 children. I currently teach one day a week in Reception at Bitterne CE Primary, Southampton and am Collective Worship Subject Manager – a role that I have carried out diligently for the last 14 years. I regularly lead whole school collective worship (assemblies) for up to 420 children. I absolutely love working with Year R children, you get to experience many ‘firsts’ with them, such as seeing snow for the first time or letting the butterfly go, that they saw develop from an egg. Enchanting! I have also been Religious Education and Physical Education lead in other schools.

I am a committed Christian and love God with all my heart and am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. I have organised and run ‘Christian Good News Clubs’ in most of the schools that I have worked in. For three consecutive years I was a children’s counsellor and then the event’s organiser at a ‘Christian Summer Camp’ in Canada, where children developed their faith and trust in God. I love working with children and even as a teacher, working 3 days a week, I found time to lead and teach ‘Sunday School’ at my church for a few years. I have enjoyed every minute of working with the hundreds of children over the years.

Having researched and presented my paper – Child Led Collective Worship. A Research Project to Create Resources for Developing Theological Thinking Through Children Leading Class Collective Worship at KS2, at Harris Manchester College, I am a Scholar of The Farmington Institute, Oxford University.

My ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ resources are now taking me all over the country, even as far as Yorkshire, my Home County (and God’s own country!!), working with children and staff to develop ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ in their schools.

My journey with ‘Child Led Family Devotions’ is just beginning, my unique and original resources are hot off the press.

“My passion is to see all children become what God created them to be and fulfil His plan for their lives. That they would have self-confidence and self-belief, an exuberance for life, compassion for others and become trailblazers and life changers and make difference in the world in which we live.”

Pauline Abbott, founder Child Led Solutions