Childrens Testimonies

What do Children think of Child Led Collective Worship?

  • I enjoyed leading collective worship because everyone was listening to me. I have learnt that I could teach people my talents. Luke Year 3

  • I enjoyed leading the collective worship, acting out the story and asking the questions. Heidi Year 5

  • If you don’t forgive someone you won’t get anywhere in life because you will be stuck on the same problem. Ruby Year 6

  • I learnt that God is with you through your life, if you believe. Skye Year 5

  • I learnt to not be afraid and stand up (in front of my class). Charlie Year 3

  • The story of Joseph has shown me that forgiveness is always possible if you don’t forgive them you’ll have to live on with the guilt. Oscar Year 4

  • I think at the start of the story I wouldn’t always forgive but after what Joseph did, I will. Sam Year 3

  • I enjoyed taking part in the worship because I got to tell people about the Bible. Bethan Year 5


The Year 4 children at St Christopher’s CE Primary School, Oxford looked at forgiveness, sharing the story of Joseph from Genesis 37-50. When asked about the collective worship, their responses show the power of CLCW (quotes are reproduced verbatim). “Forgiveness makes you feel like a bird above the clouds not a bird in a trap ”

What did the story of Joseph teach you about forgiveness?

  • Joseph brothers did bad things to him but he still forgave them so learning if someone’s done something bad you should always forgive them even if it is hard because you feel good inside.
  • Forgiveness is sometimes easy and hard sometimes. Makes all your worries go away if you apologise and forgive if done to you
  • Think before you say things
  • Forgiveness is always possible and you can do anything

How will you behave differently?

  • Learnt to give people a second chance
  • Think about how people will feel before you upset them
  • Forgive no matter what
  • Know how to forgive people and they won’t have issues with you
  • It takes me 2/3 days to forgive then do it. Length depends on what it is
  • Try to forgive as much as you can and not make the problems
  • When someone has hurt me sometimes I don’t forgive them- now I am going to forgive other people so that I can stay friends with them. If I don’t forgive anyone I will have less friends.
  • Your life is not happy if you do not forgive
  • You feel like a bird above the clouds not a bird in a trap
Developing Collective Worship in Schools
Children in Year 5 from St John’s Academy, Coleford, Gloucestershire, prepare their Collective Worship. They worked with founder Pauline Abbott.
Year 5 children at St James CE Primary, West End, Southampton acting out the parable of ‘The Four Friends’ for their Collective Worship about Responsibility.