Parents & Childrens Family Testimonies


‘We experienced God’s confirmation… Each story they read was preached at church on Sunday and their (two girls) eyes LIT UP! It was beautiful.’

‘We saw Charlie’s imagination and biblical knowledge come to life.’

‘Doing Devotions as a family is special, we loved worshipping together.’

‘Child Led Family Devotions are great bringing families together, with God at the centre.’

‘Family devotions stretched both of them (two girls) as they had to lead, read, sing and pray.’

‘They had to think deeply about what they read to fully grasp and answer the questions well.’

‘Child Led Family Devotions are excellent, the song, prayer and then asking questions and learning about their family.’


‘I liked asking the family questions.’ 5 years old

‘I enjoyed how I got to pick what I did and I picked a Lego story’. This 8 year old child shared the Bible story using Lego.

‘I learnt that it’s a forgiveness story (The Lost Son) and God loves us enough to forgive us.’ 8 years old

‘It made me think the sharing and prayer.’ 6 years old

‘The scripture was new to me.’ 5 years old

‘IT’S GREAT’ 6 years old

‘I enjoyed the song we chose.’ 6 years old

‘I learnt to be helpful, share, be kind, respectful and listen.’ 6 years old

‘Everyone was included’ 8 years old


‘Children learn about God and how to connect with Him for themselves. They also get the rare opportunity to lead their families, (a child shall lead them).’

 ‘It’s a wonderful way of getting your whole family together to talk about Jesus, read passages from the bible and pray. It helps bring your family close together and close to God.’

 ‘They were able to take responsibility and leadership. They had to lead and control the discussion and they also experienced independence.’

‘We all connected deeply and learnt things from each other’s experiences.’

 ‘We looked up Jeremiah 29 v 11. Was so good to open the word together about our future hope and for today.’  Hope resource

‘Would recommend because it got us together talking about Jesus and hearing the children’s faith.’

 ‘The other two children were able to discuss things about Jesus and answer which was really lovely to see.’

‘It put a thirst in all of us to do this kind of thing more often.’


‘I liked how my family were very involved and gave sensible and thoughtful answers.’ Becky aged 12

I learnt that I think I should step out more and be more confident every day.’ Becky aged 12. Courage Resource

I learnt about Mummy’s friends and praying helps me to include God.’ Mya aged 9

I learnt that God can do anything.’  Ezekiel aged 9. Hope Resource

I enjoyed teaching a new parable (Josiah) and discussing how God forgives us (Caleb). This is the first time we’ve done devotions as a family.’ Josiah and Caleb aged 11 & 9

We learnt that people can be in a mess and we thought that everyone in the Bible was perfect but actually people make mistakes.’ Josiah and Caleb aged 11 & 9

‘I learnt that I should have more belief in myself.’ Phoebe aged 10. Belief Resource

‘We got to share stories and opinions. No matter how bad things get you can always forgive.’ Mya aged 9