Trust Resource Pack


In this resource pack children will explore the Christian value of Tolerance


– 2 Collective Worship Resource Cards with differentiated content for Years 3/4 and 5/6

– Implementation ‘How-To’ Guidelines

– Links to New SIAMS document for your SEF

– Children’s Evaluation Form

– Ongoing customer support





1. A) 2 Collective Worship Resources Cards
You will receive 1 CW for Years 3&4 and 1 CW for Years 5&6 based around the Christian value of Trust. The content comprises of generic questions related to the value, a bible story, verse or parable and related questions, and reflective questions that enable the children to relate what they have learnt, through their discussions, to their everyday life. These resources cards are of a high quality with original illustrations and a hardwearing finish, the benefit of which is that the children get to handle the Collective Worship Resources Cards and take autonomy over their own learning. These are resources that teachers (saving them valuable time) can put into the hands of their pupils, to facilitate the creation of unique collective worships, with pupils taking ownership for themselves. Whole class participation through child led discussion is at the heart of these resources.


2. Implementation Sheet Guide Lines

This package enables you to implement and self-manage ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ in your school. These guidelines outline ‘the how to go about’ implementing child led collective worship including: preparation, groupings, creative licence (engaging), location, gathering, whole class participation-engaging and responding and prayers- responding and sending. This package also includes follow up and customer support.

3. Links to the NEW SIAMS Document and Section 50 (Wales)

All the hard work for your Self Evaluation Form (SEF) has been done for you, linking all the elements of ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ to the NEW SIAMS criteria or Section 50 (Wales). As well as CW, links are outlined to all the other NEW SIAMS components: Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy, Dignity and Respect, Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills, Community and Living Well Together and Vision and Leadership.

4. Evaluation Form – Evidence for SIAMS inspections or Section 50 (Wales)

The impact of CW is what SIAMS and Section 50 inspectors are primarily looking for and establishing that CW has made a difference to the lives of the children in your school, in the way that they think, their attitudes and their behaviours. This also impacts on the ‘Ethos’ of a school, that unexplainable atmosphere, which is tangible as soon as you walk through the front door. This evaluation form gives children chance to reflect on their experiences: what they have learnt and how they behave differently. It is also a tool for moving CW in your school forward with children involved in evaluation, monitoring and future planning, all of which is now required under the new SIAMS framework and also relates to Section 50 (Wales) .

5. ‘Child Led Collective Worship’ links with and will feed into PSHE, Rights, Respect and Responsibilities (RRR) and Restorative Practice. It also builds self-confidence and self-esteem, improves teamwork and promotes empathy and resilience. Please refer to testimonies for further evidence.