Building Self Belief and Self Confidence in Children

Who does not want their child to have self-belief and self-confidence to know that they can do anything if they put their mind to it?

Children today are contending with different pressures that soak up their precious time and focus; peer pressure, technology, exams, competing against friend and foe. All these areas are now spiced up by the avenues of social media, in all the forms it presents itself, that have been stirred into the mix.

Every single child is individual and unique. Developing individuality, our sense of who we are in all different aspects, takes self-assurance, therefore children need opportunities to express themselves:

  • beliefs,
  • views and opinions on differing life subjects,
  • understanding of the world,
  • emotions and emotional responses to differing situations and circumstances.

This lays a foundation that enables children to grow up into confident adults, who have identified the purpose for which God created them.

‘Child Led Worship’ in schools and families are the vehicles to build self-belief in children; a chance to be brave and share in front of encouraging participants, even though they could be shaking at the knees before they begin. Having ‘butterflies’ in your stomach is such a positive experience and the elation that comes, when ‘you go for it’ cannot be measured. An example of this is one seven year old child, who was experiencing confidence issues, even though she was very capable in all areas of the curriculum. After leading her class in collective worship she reflected:

“At the time of leading class collective worship, I was not having great confidence levels. When I led it I felt overwhelmed because WOW, I just led a collective worship.”

Not only did she participate in leading, this struggling youngster actually led from the front and you could see her confidence growing moment by moment, as she eased into the role and realised that she was more than capable, her self-belief raised to a new level.

Fostering belief in children’s own abilities, belief in God, belief in themselves as confident people, who are not afraid to speak up, stand up and be counted; for achieving this ‘Child Led Worship’ is invaluable.

By taking ownership and autonomy for worship in a safe environment at home and in school children are developing confidences in public speaking, working as a team and expressing their views, opinions and beliefs. They are nurturing their listeners to develop these attributes – they are becoming leaders. These are all qualities that nurture and build self-belief and self-confidence.