Child-Led Collective Worship for Families

Child-Led Collective Worship for Families resources will bring your family together in a creative way through God’s word, with your children leading worship, bible storytelling, discussing key issues that relate to everyday life, and in praying for all the family.

In today’s world children need a stage in which they can share their deepest thoughts, feelings, and experiences of life, in a secure and safe environment. Through using family CLCW resources, your children will share events, situations, thoughts, and feelings with you that you knew nothing about, because they will have an opportunity to do so in their own unique and creative way.

Family CLCW resources will be available in two packs – ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. They are fun and engaging, bright and colourful, have original illustrations, and a featured cartoon character that all ages will adore.

The devotional resources are based around the Christian values of Trust, Hope, Forgiveness, Peace, Belief, Courage, Friendship, Responsibility, Tolerance, and Thankfulness. Your children will also develop and deepen their own faith and understanding of the word of God because they are practically responsible for sharing it with you.

Your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem will grow enormously as they lead you in discussions around the linked Bible story, verse or parable. For example ‘Is forgiveness always possible?’ and ‘How could you as a family show your love more to each other, through what you say and do?’

Through family CLCW your children will become more self-assured, know that they are loved by God and their family, love God and those around them, have empathy for others and develop resilience; they will make an impact for God and influence those they meet and the change the world in which we live.