How collective worship opens a child’s eyes to God

Child-Led Collective Worship has a profound effect on the children who have participated. This blog shows how their perceptions of God, Jesus and the Bible have changed.

We asked the children who had participated in CLCW to answer the following question:

‘How has your understanding of God, Jesus, and the Bible grown through Class Based Collective Worship?’

Here are just some of the comments made by children, which show development and growth of theological thinking at an individual level:

“I have understood more things about God, like he will always love you and always treat us equally.”

“I have learnt that if you do something wrong God will always forgive you.”

“I have changed because I never knew or believed about God or Jesus – I understand now to believe in God and I know he will be there whenever I need him most.”

“The Bible has helped us because all of the answers are in the Bible.”

“By hearing more about Jesus I feel like I am more engaged with him and start worshipping him at home – now playing Christian songs on the guitar and singing.”

“Learnt about sayings e.g. proverbs and key messages from the Bible.”

“Helped me learn that God and Jesus and the Holy Bible play big parts, in even people that aren’t Christians, lives.”

The impact of CLCW is immediate and long-lasting. You can learn more about how the programme is perceived by reading more children’s views, plus on this page, you can learn the opinion of teachers who have used the resources.